When you stay at Rio Bonito Cabin & RV Park, you’re moments away from some of the best scenery in the Hill Country. Our location on the North San Gabriel River provides easy access to nature experiences that will satisfy any activity level. And when the Texas heat beats down on you, there’s no better way to cool off than by enjoying the area’s water parks and swimming holes.

A favorite spot of locals and tourists alike, Blue Hole Park is a great place to beat the heat. This scenic lagoon on the South San Gabriel River is surrounded by limestone bluffs and invites visitors to wade into the natural pools for some relaxation under the sun.

The park is conveniently located just 10 miles from Rio Bonito and is five blocks north of the downtown Square. You can enter the part at W. Second Street and Rock Street.

It’s illegal to jump from the cliffs, but you’ll have a great time hanging out in the water, having a picnic, and enjoying the hiking and biking trail. Some visitors even bring a mask and snorkel to check out the pool’s bottom. It’s open year-round and stocked with trout in the winter. The park has restrooms for visitors to use. Make sure to bring water shoes, as the wading areas can get slippery. For more information, hours, and rules, visit the website here.

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