It’s easy to forget that trains were once considered almost magical and a train ride was something rare for most people. Back in the late 1800s, locomotives were designed to show off their mechanical power and the opulence of train travel. Our modern trains are quite different, but you can get a small taste of the old-style locomotives by visiting Cedar Rock Railroad, just a short drive from Rio Bonito.

Cedar Rock uses a custom-built, quarter-scale train named Sophie to pull passengers around a park through both fields and forests. It’s a fun and relaxing 1.4 mile ride, and both young and old are sure to love Sophie. But Sophie’s not the only fun thing about this park. There’s a play area for young children to pretend to drive a train and carry passengers, just like Sophie. Kids can pretend to chase bad guys in Old Town Pflooterville, complete with structures to hide behind. And kids over three can chase each other in miniature locomotives.

The park has picnic pads for its guests, as well as its own “depot” where you can purchase souvenirs and refreshments. You can learn more about Cedar Rock Railroad, and get ticket information and hours, on their website here.

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