The Hill Country is the place to be for delicious barbecue. Texas has a particular way of preparing the meat and sauce, as well as traditional sides to enjoy. If you haven’t tasted true Texas-style barbecue, then you haven’t lived!

In Central Texas, the meat is the star. This emphasis on the meat rather than the sauce, side dishes, and desserts originated with the German and other immigrants that made the area their home. Unlike other regional barbecue, sauce is used merely to “wet” the meat. Whether cooked over pecan, mesquite, or oak, pitmasters want you to get the pure flavor that results in hours of smoking. The “bark”, the blackened, crispy outside of the slabs of meat, is an experience all its own.

You’re sure to find cole slaw, potato salad, and beans on the side, and white bread, pickles, and onions are pretty standard. Brisket, sausage, ribs, and chicken are the most popular meats, but you’ll find some places serving the favorites of other regions, such as pastrami and pulled pork. For dessert you’ll find an assortment of sweet treats depending on the place, but Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream is a probably a given.

If you’re ready to learn what makes Texas barbecue beloved by people around the world, Liberty Hill is a great place to be. Start your exploration with Mike’s Barnyard or Smokey Mo’s. You’ll be ready for a barbecue tour of Texas on your next trip!

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