The Hill Country has all sorts of activities to partake in when you visit Rio Bonito. But vacation is the perfect time to try something new that you wouldn’t think to try at home. If you’re looking for a challenge for yourself and the whole family, an escape room is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening! You’ll work your problem-solving and communication skills and bring your group a little closer together as you work to beat the clock. Whether you are brand new to these or have some experience already, there’s a game for everyone to enjoy!

If you aren’t familiar with escape rooms, the premise is simple: get locked in a room and solve a variety of puzzles to get out. It may seem easy, but it’s a real challenge in practice! Escapology, not far from Rio Bonito, offers a variety of different themed rooms to escape, from a train assassination to stopping a nuclear bomb from going off. The rooms range in time periods and difficulties to accommodate players of all ages. Bring the whole family for a challenging and fun time!

Admission is priced at $30 per person at the entrance or $28 online. For booking information and more details on what Escapology provides, you can head to their website here.

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